About the Photographer

At the beginning of my junior year at Vanderbilt University, I borrowed my parents’ Minolta SR-T 201 to take along on a year-abroad exchange program at the University of Regensburg in Germany. That camera, a dormitory darkroom and a year spent in a country recovering from but still divided by war, combined to make an encouraging environment for a novice photographer.

Two years later, some fellow Americans I had befriended in Regensburg invited me along on a personal adventure, which evolved into an opportunity to tell an engaging story with captured images. We crafted a raft in a Kansas City public park from assorted lumber, 24 fifty-five gallon oil drums and an old telephone pole, and floated down the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, roughly 1,500 miles, to New Orleans.

More recently, I have traveled on image quests to locations like the Galápagos Islands, the UK and Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks in California. But most of the photographs I have taken over the years have been taken in and around Nashville.

I’ve been making photographs for forty years.

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-Justus W. Thomas